The Davidian Watcher 最新文章:Very Important Announcement


Following is a message from Major Mak to every Christians in the World.
Please read, think, and consider to take your own action carefully and prayerfully.



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Peace be with you in our one and only Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Independent Inquiry Committee (IIC) of Hong Kong, which worked out an investigation on David Jang’s Group – The Gospel Herald, Young Disciples of Jesus, and Olivet University, since end of 2007, is now reached to its conclusion.

As you may know, on 10 April 2008, brief summary of the inquiry was made public to Hong Kong Christian Leaders at “IIC Report Meeting”.

Today, IIC launched an Internet Site of “Report of Findings”, provided in both English and Chinese, at following address:

To summarize the findings, there are two points which IIC cannot exclude after the inquiry:

  1. The Gospel Herald, Young Disciples of Jesus, and Olivet University are one in sharing of personnel, provisions and resources.
  2. Young Disciples of Jesus in China teaches a heresy that their leader is Second Coming Christ.

Please read the Report of Findings of IIC carefully and prayerfully to discern the most critical situation which is ongoing within World Evangelical Christians Circle.

It is strongly expected that Christian Leaders in Japan, Korea and USA should carefully study the Report of Findings of IIC to consider their own further possible action toward David Jang’s Group.

Please be noted that David Jang is in position of Executive Director of WEA North Region, extending his influence through WEA IT Center, WEA Press Center, Christianpost, Christiantoday, Crossmap, ACM, Verecom and many other wings.

This should be regarded as an urgent matter.

In His Service,

Makoto Yamaya

Major Makoto Yamaya
Assistant to Training Principal
The Salvation Army Officers Training School