The Davidian Watcher 消息:「韓基總」決定立案調查張大衛

CCK Resolved To Investigate David Jang
CCK (Christian Council of Korea) Heresy Committee which sat on 29 November resolved to launch Investigation Committee on David Jang’s Question of Heresy.

Formation of the Committee will be made by nomination of Board of Directors of CCK.

Pastor David Jang, Founder of Christiantoday and various other organizations including Young Disciples of Jesus and The Gospel Herald (基督日報), has been member of CCK since 2003.

However, the CCK practiced investigation on David Jang’s Question of Unification Church in 2004 and 2005.

This time’s is to be the Third Investigation.

Also, General Assembly of Korean Presbyterian Churches (TongHap) already established its own Investigation Commitee on David Jang’s Question and started certain studies.



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